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Her bespoke face

Her bespoke face
Betrayed no provenance
No signature or style
Save those life etched within each line
each scar and curve of chin and cheek 

No sign of props placed here and there
To hold it all in space
No awkward look or heavy paint
To dazzle or illuminate
Just a canvas standing there
With pleasant eyes of burning depth
and mouth with upturned corners 

Quite suddenly she smiled at me
And said hello-how-are-you?
One of a kind I see – said I –
With hat tipped to my Maker.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 13 December 2016
Response to Daily Prompt: Bespoke
See definition of bespoke here.



Secrets of my body
pause, linger, bleed slow
through veins
barely alive, gasping—
for Air.

The cost of keeping family and personal secrets Read the rest of this entry »

gnarled scarred misshapen



gnarled scarred misshapen

trunk stands tall serene exposed

mirror of a soul

* * *

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 19 November 2014
Photo credit:  DAFraser, November 2014
Longwood Meadow Garden, Forest Edge

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