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dawn song and the daily avalanche

Lying still breathless
Lest I interrupt dawn song
I resist daylight
And the daily avalanche
of sour notes and red beets

once upon a time
the days had rhyme and reason
nonsense and outrage
held together by thick ties
of trust and loads of good will

last week’s grievances
lie steaming in a hot heap
of rotten garbage
waiting for today’s dumpster
held up by desperadoes

What holds a moment, a day or a week together? What keeps it from feeling like one slow (or fast) day after another? What gives it the feeling of real life when much of real life must be held in check, and there’s no guarantee of a proper tomorrow?

I don’t object to being held in check during this pandemic. I do, however, wonder how we now go about having what can be called a day or even a week? Perhaps it doesn’t matter anymore.

Outside I hear a resident cardinal calling from a nearby tree. The opening bars of a lovely dance?


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 20 May 2020
Photo of dawn song duet found at 



eyes meet
breathless Read the rest of this entry »

words on paper


words on paper
nearly forgotten
traces of you Read the rest of this entry »

day breaks


day breaks sun rises

offers light energy

hearkens toward sundown Read the rest of this entry »

It’s been an age


It’s been an age since I first met you—
You there, looking back at me
Three score years plus eleven to be exact
You haven’t changed a bit, they say
You and I know better Read the rest of this entry »

fiery river

fiery river streams

through banks of distant storm clouds

stars pierce gath’ring night

* * *

Blaze of dying glory— Read the rest of this entry »

Wait for me, PLEASE! | Dear Diane

Houston airport, June 1998.  It’s hot, dry, breezy.  I’m exhausted after little sleep the night before, and an early morning rise to make my 7:30am flight.  Diane’s daughter picks me up at the airport.  We finally arrive at Diane’s house.   As always, my heart is pounding Read the rest of this entry »

Hide & Seek: The game of life | Dear Diane

Houston, 1998.  Diane is slipping away from her ‘normal’ non-ALS earthly life.  Here’s some of what I experience when I visit in January and April. Read the rest of this entry »

rounding the bend

rounding the bend
tiny gold leaves lie scattered
on dark damp asphalt

* * *

It’s Monday, Labor Day, two years ago.  I’m out for an early morning walk.   It rained overnight and it’s still dripping and overcast.  But I’m restless for a walk.  Like the weather, my mood is unsettled. Read the rest of this entry »

morning haze of smoky dust

morning haze of smoky dust
gives way to cool breezes
dancing over crystal blue
icy waters of the vast caldera
lined with cliffs rising precipitously

pure waters shimmer
beneath reflected clouds Read the rest of this entry »

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