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Clouds of snowy ermine

Floating on water
Warm and welcoming
I drift through treetops
The color of brown
Graceful they sway
Lifting bare branches
Toward the sky
Elegant in winter
Garb accented with
Clouds of snowy ermine

Bits and pieces of this morning’s waking dream….all but the snowy ermine (stoat), too elegant to omit.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 23 January 2019
Photo found at

winter haiku

snow crackles
beneath my feet
an icy carpet


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 2 February 2018
Photo found at

afternoon sun

late afternoon sun
warms exposed tree limbs
waiting for winter

Yesterday afternoon I walked outdoors in bearably cold weather. The bright sun was low in the sky, already dropping beneath tree tops. I could feel the warmth on my face, and wondered whether tree trunks and branches also felt the warmth.

How odd that trees shed their protective leaves for winter and face wind, sleet, snow and ice with bare limbs. We humans, however, pile on layers so thick that we’re scarcely recognizable in our winter combat suits. Especially as we age.

It’s challenging to see trees accept the coming winter stripped down. Naked. All their graceful, awkward or broken architecture clearly on display. Not as a sign of aging, but of strength. Perhaps even courage?

I’d like to think so. In part because I’ve always wanted to be a tree — or at least a poem lovely as a tree. A tree with roots sunk deep into the ground, finding rivers of water in underground sanctuaries untouched by human hands. Still producing fruit in its season.

Happy Friday and happy walking!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 8 December 2017
Photo found at Shutterstock

rising moon


rising moon
reflects warm glow
through tangled limbs


midwinter sign of hope
discovered this morning on my iPad

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 12 January 2017
Photo taken in Soldotna, Alaska USA by wildernessgrl, 12 Jan 2017,
found on the Weather Underground App

Christmas at Longwood | Photos #1


Christmas at Longwood is always spectacular. This year we began our walk outside, about an hour before the sun dropped below the horizon. The bird house above was for the birds, of course! Read the rest of this entry »

One more ring

Longwood Gardens Woods - November 2014

20 November 2015

 One more ring around
The core of who I am
And will become

At a loss
I stand mute
Inhale this world Read the rest of this entry »

What the doctor ordered!


Conservatory at Longwood Gardens

Exactly what the doctor ordered! Fragrance, green-green-green, brilliant flowering shrubs and flowers, the sound of water dripping, running along the stream and falling over small falls. Orchid Extravaganza. Organ music in the ballroom. Lunch in the café. And more photos–see below. Read the rest of this entry »

unpretentious trees


unpretentious trees

rise above winding dirt trail

shade leafy green ferns

*  *  *

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 3 February 2015
Photo credit:  DAFraser, September 2014
Wildwood Trail in Forest Park, Portland, OR

low afternoon sun


low afternoon sun

illuminates interior–

hushed benediction

* * *

It’s October 2012.  My husband and I are with a couple of family members.  It’s late afternoon.  We’re walking back from the beach to the parking lot, on a trail through Oswald West State Park.  We pass trees in multiple configurations–from straight and upright to bent or twisted.  Many are covered with moss from thick fog that rolls in from the Pacific Ocean.

We pass several trees with hollowed-out space at the base of the trunk.  Some have twisted roots with pockets of air where the earth has eroded.  The trees reach high toward the sky, seeking light.  They seem to have been around for centuries, adjusting to the dim, seemingly haunted environment.

We’ve walked a good distance from the shoreline, away from rolling surf and the muffled sound of human voices.  Evening approaches.  The air takes on a hushed, cathedral-like quality.   Late afternoon sun filters into usually darkened spaces, and offers a silent benediction.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 28 January 2015
Photo Credit, DAFraser, October 2012
Oswald West State Park, Oregon

mirrored in the pond


mirrored in the pond

drab leafless trees come to life

dance on gleaming sky

* * *

To see trees dancing on the sky, click on photo.

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