Christmas at Longwood | Photos #1

by Elouise


Christmas at Longwood is always spectacular. This year we began our walk outside, about an hour before the sun dropped below the horizon. The bird house above was for the birds, of course! It sits on top of a Christmas tree just for the birds. But you’ll need to be patient. That comes later.

First, here’s a panorama of the west side of the meadow. Notice the hiking paths roped off for the night, with small night lights along the perimeter path still open for late evening viewing.


In the photo above you can see a bridge on the right, just below the path.
Below is the bridge, followed by a lovely closeup of
an unretouched natural meadow decoration.
My favorite photo in this group.

Turning around from the meadow,
we saw silhouetted evergreens and a garden path ready for winter.


Back to the meadow.
We walked to the pond on a wheelchair-accessible ramp.
Normally we wouldn’t see all the ‘architecture’ of the pond and meadow.
Too many leaves and shrubs.


Here’s a view of the late afternoon sky reflected in the pond.

We left the meadow edge and walked to the Italian Water Garden.
The fountains are off for the winter,
but that didn’t stop the garden elves from creating a big bubbly Christmas tree!

Nearby is the outdoor Christmas tree for the birds!
Notice the bird house on top.
Then, in order, you’ll see a rustic bird bath that sits right beside the tree, and
close-ups of goodies hung for the birds (also loved by squirrels).


Finally, we’re walking up to the café for a little supper. By the time we finish it will be dark, and all this interaction between light and natural beauty will be replaced by millions of tiny lights. Here’s what we saw on our way to the café.




Huge thanks to my faithful photographer for his relentless pursuit of beauty and spectacular ordinary bits that are easy to miss.

To be continued….

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 14 December 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, December 2015
Longwood Meadow and Gardens