dawn walk

by Elouise

dawn walk
beating heart
strong steady


A Musical Adventure
Best performed outside in a sing-songy voice
Wearing cushioned sneakers
On any spring, summer or fall morning
Accent the first word/s of each line, two beats per line
Begin with haiku above and proceed directly to⇒

feet fall
into step
steady now-don’t
rush-the pace
I’m-not sure
how long
this-will last-or
how far
this-will go-or
what lies
at-the end

don’t-get bored
just-keep go-ing
look-a round
take-it in
birds sing
in-the distance
squirrels bicker
in-the trees
think-deep thoughts
sing-a song-make-
up a rhyme
any thing-to
pass-the time

pace slows
just-a bit
sip water
check-my heart-beat
back at-it
up-the hill
all-the way
gaining strength
step-by step
focus now
nearly there

step step
step step
slow-down now
sip water
mop brow
home free!

Haiku written 6 July 2012
© Elouise Renich Fraser, 29 April 2014