cascading waves

by Elouise

cascading waves break
in calm rhythmic procession—
fiddler crabs scurry

* * * * *

I loved trips to the beach on Tybee Island

back in the 1950s when it wasn’t famous, and

sunblock and skin cancer seemingly hadn’t been discovered.

Anyone could just drive out for the day,

slather oily suntan lotion all over,

soak in the beauty and vastness of the ocean

and ignore the gritty sand that seeped into everything.

PB and jelly sandwiches never tasted better.

Today when I visit a quiet seashore with a beach

it becomes a little homecoming:

Nurturing, reconnecting, relaxing, larger than life itself.

Not unlike these more everyday homecomings

that mesmerize and ground me:

the hum of summer cicadas

the sound of wind rustling through trees

a steady heartbeat

slow rhythmic breathing

sunrise transforming the morning sky

moon and stars suspended in a crystal-clear night sky

clouds of gnats swarming in the air

sweet robin-song at dusk

fireflies flickering on and off

bats dancing in the evening sky

flocks of snow geese taking elegant flight

Canadian geese traveling noisily across the autumn sky

human voices echoing faintly across the water

multicolored flowers shimmering in a distant garden

clouds drifting across an Atchison blue sky

the sound of silence

* * *

Haiku written 16 June 2014
© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 June 2014