dive-bombed cicada

by Elouise

dive-bombed cicada
tree trunk stormed by sqaub’ling squirrels
mid-summer madness


Didn’t plan it
Can’t control it
Life just happens
As I walk along
anticipating nothing
in particular but
a quiet morning stroll
in glorious nature

Wouldn’t you know it
That young cardinal just
can’t stop dive-bombing that
brilliant cicada buzzing furiously
Gray catbird watches from sideline
wants a piece of the action
I keep walking on by
this display of glorious nature

Almost at hilltop
Yet another distraction
Scrambling-scraping-clawing sounds
from adjacent sycamore tree trunk
Wouldn’t you know it –
Bitter bickering back-biting squirrels
fighting over disputed territory
Inglorious nature

And what’s all this?
Too many walkers and cheery runners
Dogs walking their owners, bike-riders
Construction workers and
Masonry workers speeding by
Neighbors driving their dogs
To the nearby park for a walk
Didn’t plan it; can’t control it.

The morning light is clear and cool
Breezes play in the air
Sun rises chasing clouds away
Songbird calls rise, fall, echo
Mid-summer flowers sparkle with dew
Leafy shrubs nestle beneath
Soaring trees in shades of green
All nature sings and ‘round me rings
the music of life interrupted

Haiku written 29 July 2014
© Elouise Renich Fraser, 29 July 2014