I’m feeling down this evening.

by Elouise

Wondering what will become of me and all of us in the days and years ahead.  Generally, I love the night-time.  Sometimes, though, things weigh on my mind.  I’m in a bit of that overweight-mind-mood this evening.

This ‘light’ poem from Amy Carmichael put things in perspective.  It reminds me of vast, spacious night skies glittering with stars, comets racing across the sky, and yes, fireflies flickering and dancing over the back yard.

At night I love looking at stars through my binoculars.   It helps me get a small, calming perspective on myself and events in my life.  They matter, as part of a great tapestry.  More is happening than meets my eyes.  Most of it while I’m sound asleep.

Here’s Amy’s poem:

Words of Light

Fear thou not the cloudy evening.
By dim waters fireflies glisten;
‘Mid the dark leaves of the tree
Starry hosts are moving; listen,
Listen, for they speak to thee:
“My Lord will take care of me.”

Fear thou not the moonless darkness.
Moonless nights discover fireflies,
Star-seeds of eternity,
Luminous when common day dies.
Words of light are sown for thee:
“My Lord will take care of me.”

Amy Carmichael, Mountain Breezes:  The Collected Poems of Amy Carmichael
© 1999, The Dohnavur Fellowship, published by Christian Literature Crusade
Published in Ploughed Under (1934)

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 8 December 2014