Mother’s Day at the Park | Photos

by Elouise


I’m back at my computer after a lovely Mother’s Day. Busy writing up the next exciting instalment about our early marriage. In the meantime, here are a few things we saw yesterday afternoon in two parks.

First, a quick walk at Valley Forge National Park. The dogwood tree above was in the parking lot. The park is huge, with about 5 miles of walking trails. It’s a national memorial to the American Revolution, particularly as fought during the harsh winter of 1777-78. It’s also a natural history outdoor museum.

This tree caught D’s eye because of its growth pattern. It seems to have weathered more than one storm.


Here’s a reminder that this park wasn’t always a lovely, serene, quiet and beautiful site.


Here are a few lovely little wild flowers, plus some brand new tree leaves–maple and oak.





From there we drove to a family recreational park and met up with our son’s family and our daughter-in-law’s mother for an informal picnic followed by walking, talking, spotting birds and taking photos.

First, proof that they water the grounds at the park. Maybe small animals like to drink here, too? The dandelions seem to be thriving.


Finally, some bird photos. This first sweetie was just next to our picnic table. I really liked the paint job.


Now out in the field…a cardinal, followed by the small nest of a warbler vireo (sorry, mama refused to be caught on camera), and finally two photos of a Canadian goose family.




All in all, a lovely day! I hope yours was, too.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 May 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, 10 May 2015