Detailed Plans for My Life | from Diane

by Elouise


It’s July 1991. Diane’s sermon for the children is a foretaste of what’s coming down the road. It’s difficult to diagnose ALS. Small physical losses may be due to other things. Yet each loss invites her to reconsider the detailed plans for her life.

Do you remember the big table behind my desk? Sometimes it’s covered with Vacation Bible School books. Sometimes if someone in the office has a birthday, that’s where we have the birthday cake!

But you know what? For what seems like forever, there have been big rolls of paper sitting on that table. Like this roll right here!

In fact, somebody keeps bringing more of them! I wanted to bring the latest roll of papers, but it’s so big and heavy I couldn’t do it!

So let me show you this one. Do you know what this is?

…Yeah! Our new church! …The instructions! You’ve got it! [laughter] I hope they follow the instructions very carefully! [laughter continues]

…They call these blueprints. Can you figure out why? …They’re blue! That’s right! …They’re very detailed. They show everything in that new building. They even show things you won’t see when it’s finished—inside the walls, under the floor, in the ceiling. Everything has to be drawn up in a special blueprint drawing.

A bunch of people are looking at these plans very carefully. We’re trying to make sure it will be a beautiful building, that it will have enough space in all the right areas, and enough classrooms for each of your departments. We also want to make sure there will be enough restrooms, and space for enough pews in the worship center.

If they follow these plans carefully when they build our new church, we can be certain we’ll have a beautiful, useful building for many years!

Now let me ask you something. Did you know that for each one of our lives there is a blueprint? It’s not on paper, and it’s not printed in blue. It’s in God’s mind!

God has a very detailed plan for each of us. Some of the details are the same for all of us. For example, God wants us to be kind, and honest, and help one another. So those things are the same for everybody.

But some of the things in our blueprints are very different for each person. God has worked out all the details of a plan for my life, and for each of your lives.

But you know what? God doesn’t just send it over and say, “Make that person be like this blueprint!” It doesn’t work that way.

We get to choose whether we want to let God work out His plan in our lives or not. There are all kinds of times when we have a choice to make. Will we follow the plan God wants for us, or will we decide not to follow God’s plan?

One way we discover what the blueprint for our life is supposed to look like is that we come to church, learn in Sunday School, and study the Bible.

And you know what else? Even though I’m a little older than most of you, I’m still learning about the blueprint for my life.

All through life you can find out more about God’s blueprint for your life, if you want to. Let’s ask God to help us work hard to discover the blueprint God has for each of us.

Father, Thank you that you love us enough that you have a plan for each one of us. Thank you for the parts of the plan that are clear for all of us, that are the same. I also thank you for those special details for each of us that are different from anybody else.

I pray that wherever we are, we’ll try hard to discover the plan you have for us and then decide to follow that plan so we will turn into beautiful, useful people in your eyes. These things we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

* * *

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 25 July 2015
Children’s Sermon from Diane Renich Kelley, 14 July 1991 (edited for length)
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