A Poem for My Friends

by Elouise

evening walk - 5684676959_b0470123af_b

A gracious breeze blew through the air
and cooled my face this evening
The sky pale blue with rosy clouds
Wrapped up the faded setting sun
The moon gleamed high above it all
In white with shadowed face

Mosquitoes buzzed around my face
Begging for my blood
I swiped the air and sent them off
To find a better hostess bite
They thanked me for the

The dog patrol was out in force
Meandering with their pooches
Stopping at all convenient sites
Sniffed out by knowing noses
I smiled at them as I breezed by
No plastic bags in tow

Nothing to do nowhere to go
But where my fancy took me
These Sabbath rests are quite the thing
I can’t believe they found me
Wandering through the neighborhood
Thinking of all of you

  * * *

Cheers for a new week!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 26 July 2015
Photo of an evening walk somewhere in Germany, flickriver.com