I want to work here!

by Elouise

Imagine coming around the corner and seeing this spectacular view! That’s a little piece of Holyrood Park in the background.  According to a friendly guard, the park is close enough for a half-hour hike uphill at lunchtime. The Parliament sits next to Holyrood Palace.

Here’s another look from the foot of The Royal Mile as we’re approaching the public entrance to the Scottish Parliament Building.


Controversial? Yes! Way over cost? Yes! Not completed on time? Correct.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t stop looking at this building–inside and out. Every detail matters (to the architect, not a Scot) as a way of capturing the history, landscape, ethos and temperament of Scotland and its people. As a work of art, it’s absolutely fabulous. I’ve given links above so you can read more about it if you wish.

Here are several shots D  took inside the building of things that caught our attention. First, the visitor’s lobby. If you feel dizzy looking at the photo, that’s exactly how I felt walking into this space. My eyes couldn’t quite decide where to land! Does it seem dark? The light was subdued on this ground level.


Now we’re at the top level–where the Scottish Parliament meets. Light galore–both natural (it was a grey day outside) and artificial. We’re sitting in the visitor’s gallery, looking down to the main floor. Click to enlarge! Don’t miss the live feed at the very top. Maybe other visitors looking down from the gallery?


Now we’re looking up from the same point of view. To my eyes, no part of this building was without interest or beauty. Not just in shapes and unexpected twists, but in the simple color scheme, use of wood against grey (granite) tones throughout, and careful attention to sources of light and the way they affect each space.


And what were visitors sitting on? Here are two views of our seats. Don’t miss the tantalizing view of trees just out the windows.



Turning to leave the visitor’s gallery, this was what we saw–doors leading to the stairs. Then, just after that, our last stop on the ground floor before exiting to the street.



 Hoping you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed putting them together!


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 29 September 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, September 2015