Taking Heart, and a P.S. for My Readers

by Elouise

Tuning the Heart of the Longwood Organ

Tuning the heart of the Longwood Organ. Note grand piano ‘pipe’ in the back!

Counting down–
Tired body and mind
on alert

what I do not know
to happen

what I am to do–
And not do

What to bring–
What to leave at home

So simple
yet full of unknowns–
I shudder

Steel my nerves
Do what I must—for
A heart beat


A P.S. for My Readers–

This is the week!
No more anticipation after Wednesday
Just the hope of a not-too-slow heartbeat
And no more fainting

Thank you Ms. Pacemaker
I really must name you
You are, after all, going to be part of Me
A strange if welcome soul mate

What will you be like?
Will I like you?
Will you like me?
Can we call the whole thing off if we have a violent disagreement?

Talk to me!
I can’t make this up in my head, you know
It has to come from my heart

Yes, I’m sitting here dumping these words on ‘paper’ to let you know that my activities this week are focused on getting a pacemaker Wednesday, and learning to live with it. I’ll post, visit and comment as I’m able.

Thanks for your prayers, good thoughts, good energy, good humor and anything else positive you would like to send my way.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 4 April 2016
Photo credit: DAFraser, March 2016
Longwood Gardens