What matters most?

by Elouise

Smudge knows what really matters!

Smudge practicing what matters most–his favorite relaxation pose on D’s lap

Dear Friends,

Let’s start with more good news!

  • On Monday of this week I was cleared to drive again!
  • On Tuesday I drove myself to the dentist. His Wonderful Assistant went to work on my stained teeth. It took nearly an hour, but she did it. She gave me the cleanest teeth I’ve had in six months. This was the Absolutely Best Thing that happened to me so far this week.
  • My weight is up 4+ pounds! About 6 to go. My Lucy pacemaker doctor was as thrilled as I was. This probably means no more ridiculously low blood pressure readings. Thank you sodium! Not much of it, mind you. I count the grains! Well, almost. This also helps me sleep at night so I have energy when I wake up in the morning.
  • I’m working a disciplined plan to deal with extreme fatigue. I’ve been there before, but never as much as now. I think the fractured jaw pushed me over the edge, into crash and burn territory. I’m grateful to be on an uphill journey, thanks to helpful books and online resources.

So what matters most?

Last week I completed a 3-step written exercise that helped me identify what matters most to me right now. I found it in Alan Christianson’s book, The Adrenal Reset Diet. Here it is:

  1. List my top 10 time commitments as of today, not necessarily in order.
  2. If D (my most significant other) has a health scare, and needs me with him for 2 hours per day for the next 2 (or more!) months, which 7 commitments would I cross off my list so I could be there for him?
  3. Instead of 7, cross off 5 in order to free up 2 hours per day for rest and personal care. In other words, do for myself what I would do in a heartbeat for D.

I was surprised when I couldn’t complete the second step as written because 6 of my top 10 items were already about taking care of my health! All put in motion because of the fractured jaw.

So here I pause and thank my fractured jaw for its outstanding contribution to my habits of taking care of myself first!

The bad news was that I couldn’t even cross off 5 of my items, as required in the 3rd step.

I could, however, make adjustments in order to gain at least 2 more hours for self-care. Not simply for fatigue recovery, but for jaw recovery—especially the ability to chew food, given my ‘new’ bite.

Here’s my plan, based on that exercise.

  • As of July 1, I’m going on a summer schedule for 6 to 8 weeks to focus on health needs and enjoy a planned vacation with D.
  • When I’m not on vacation, I’ll visit other bloggers and respond to comments as I’m able.
  • Also when not on vacation, I’ll keep up my daily personal writing, and will post as time and energy allow.

In other words, I’m putting myself first when it comes to regaining my health—especially whenever I’m tempted to make an exception ‘just this once.’ The alternative is to find myself going downhill again someday, with medical issues I might have prevented. Put another way, I’m learning to ‘just say no!’

Here’s to good health, mine and yours,
and whatever it takes to get from here to there!


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 30 June 2016
Photo credit: Elouise, taken in June 2015