Dear Friends,

by Elouise

Home away from for two magical weeks!

Our home away from home for two magical weeks! Docked in Amsterdam.

You’ve been on my mind for the last several weeks. Well, sort of! Here’s a quick update to let you know what’s been happening.

  1. On Sunday, July 17, D and I left for a once-in-a-lifetime two-week Viking cruise down the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers. The cruise departed from Amsterdam and ended in Budapest. Imagine two solid weeks of total irresponsibility for cooking, cleaning or making weighty decisions about what to do today. The weather was fabulous–sunny and warm. If I wanted to go on an excursion, I went. If I wanted to stay on the ship and relax, I relaxed. It couldn’t have come at a better time.
  2. Even better, our daughter and her husband joined us on the cruise! They live on the West Coast of the USA; we live on the East Coast. Visits are regular, but few and always too far between. This was a great adventure, not the first time we’d traveled with them, but the first time we’d been overseas with them.
  3. My health issues also came along on the cruise. I was apprehensive about food options, but worked with outstanding staff and chefs who made sure I had more than enough excellent food (that I could chew). Having to do my own shopping and cooking again is a shock to my system.
  4. I loved meeting and talking with passengers from places such as Great Britain, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Surprise (Arizona). I also loved sitting on the sun deck or in the lounge, watching the water and landscapes passing by, or taking cat naps. I lived in Germany, on the Rhine, for 5 months way back when, so was especially happy to see the Rhine Valley again. The city with the most interest, however, was Budapest. I’m wishing for a return visit there someday.
  5. I’m finally over jet lag, and feeling more like myself again (whoever that is). I spend a lot of time planning, fixing, and chewing my food. My jaw is stronger, though I sometimes long for that magic wand that would restore my bite. Overall, though, I’m happy to be home, and eager to get back to blogging, though I’m not yet able to sit for long periods of writing.
  6. Our unplanned adventure was about D’s health, not mine. He’s recovering from a mild (Is there such a thing?) case of shingles on his head and face. It began developing while we were on the trip. Thankfully, both of us had shingles shots several years ago.

Well, that’s a short report to let you know I’m back, missing you all, and eager to reconnect and learn what’s going on in your lives. The photo above is one of over 3,000! No, I won’t share all of them….not yet.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 August 2016
Photo credit: DAFraser, in Amsterdam, July 2016