Kinderdijk Favorites | Viking Cruise

by Elouise

It’s Friday and it’s snowing outside. Time for photos that catch my eye before we leave Kinderdijk. In no particular order, here they are, beginning with barge traffic. A reminder that these inland rivers are major highways. Not primarily for the tourist industry, but for transport of goods.

The distant tower isn’t an ancient lookout for detecting the enemy, but a water tower nicely disguised to blend in with the scenery. Up close on this side of the river  are wildflowers and an empty dock waiting for another cruise ship to arrive.

Below is a more colorful barge than most. That’s the city of Kinderdijk across the river from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Note the two automobiles on the  back deck of the barge–transportation for barge personnel when docked.

Back to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here’s another set of photos with beautiful colors. The first two are, I think, rental cabins for vacationers. The third is a bench outside a snack bar near the windmills we visited.

Speaking of color, how about these? Don’t miss the little sparrow on the grass. A little sense of proportion there.

Here’s a rare big bird not usually captured in photos! That’s my pocket watch peeking out from my magenta shirt. Note the wires going from my sunshirt pocket to my left ear. It’s my audio tour guide, so I can hear about stuff no matter where the real live guide is standing. I’m probably giving the photographer last-minute instructions too late. The sun was blazing hot, even though the air was comfortably cool.

Time for ducks and other water lovers hanging around the canal.

This roof caught my eye, as did the blooming plants that follow. Ordinary beauty waiting to be noticed.

Hoping all you beauties have a spectacular weekend! It’s still snowing here. Definitely a spectacle after an unusually warm winter.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 10 March 2017
Photo credit: DAF, July 2016 in Kinderdijk