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Farewell, Scotland! | Dear Readers 2


Edinburgh Castle, high above the city

This week D and I have been looking at photos/slides taken in 2015 during our 50th wedding anniversary trip to Scotland.  It was fabulous! We flew out of Philadelphia on September 1 and spent nearly 2 ½ weeks in Scotland. Here’s one of my Scotland posts. A tiny peek into a stunning trip. Don’t miss the panorama below, taken from Edinburgh Castle. Click to enlarge (2 times if needed). 

For the record,

  • D drove us safely over 650 miles on the ‘wrong’ side of the road without any scrapes or bruises. Every now and then he had just a bit of what he called ‘terror on the road.’ Especially on the narrow, winding back roads we enjoyed for most the trip.
  • We have over 2000 photos to help us remember this fabulous trip.
  • We left our pedometers (Fitbits) at home, which is most unfortunate since we climbed up and down the equivalent of at least one mountain each, and walked over 100 miles each in cities, towns and forests.
  • We ate breakfast most days like royalty (thanks to our Bed & Breakfast master chefs!), learned to depend on TESCO and The Cooperative Stores found all over Scotland, and enjoyed more versions of yummy carrot-red lentil soup than I knew existed in this world. Usually served with an enormous, thick slice of heavenly bread.

We spent time in Edinburgh, North Berwick, Stirling, Glasgow, Oban (Isle of Mull and Iona), Grantown-on-Spey (Cairngorms National Park), Huntly (George MacDonald’s home), and Aberdeenshire (Castle Fraser).

Most amazing and somewhat strange was being together and doing only what we chose to do on any given day. The weather was mild, sometimes chilly damp and windy, but overall stunningly beautiful.

Here are several more photos from the first day of our trip. Enjoy!

First, a panorama looking down from the Edinburgh Castle to the City. Click on the photo to get a closer look. Can you see the ferris wheel?


Here’s a flag of Scotland whipping around in the wind above the Castle. Note the wind-worn edge.

P1070379 - Copy

Now we’re down on the street, walking away from the Castle.


This colorful window garden caught my eye–one of several in a small, quiet courtyard just off the busy street.


This magnificent organ was in the church where John Knox once preached. No, I didn’t get to hear it being played–one reason I have to go back some day!


Finally, here’s a little street beauty from a residential area just below the Castle.


I hope you all had at least one or two happy adventures during the last few weeks. If not, here’s hoping you survived whatever other adventures came your way.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 September 2015, lightly edited and reposted 11 May 2022
Photo credit: DAFraser, September 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kinderdijk Favorites | Viking Cruise

It’s Friday and it’s snowing outside. Time for photos that catch my eye before we leave Kinderdijk. In no particular order, here they are, beginning with barge traffic. A reminder that these inland rivers are major highways. Not primarily for the tourist industry, but for transport of goods.

The distant tower isn’t an ancient lookout for detecting the enemy, but a water tower nicely disguised to blend in with the scenery. Up close on this side of the river  are wildflowers and an empty dock waiting for another cruise ship to arrive.

Below is a more colorful barge than most. That’s the city of Kinderdijk across the river from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Note the two automobiles on the  back deck of the barge–transportation for barge personnel when docked.

Back to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here’s another set of photos with beautiful colors. The first two are, I think, rental cabins for vacationers. The third is a bench outside a snack bar near the windmills we visited.

Speaking of color, how about these? Don’t miss the little sparrow on the grass. A little sense of proportion there.

Here’s a rare big bird not usually captured in photos! That’s my pocket watch peeking out from my magenta shirt. Note the wires going from my sunshirt pocket to my left ear. It’s my audio tour guide, so I can hear about stuff no matter where the real live guide is standing. I’m probably giving the photographer last-minute instructions too late. The sun was blazing hot, even though the air was comfortably cool.

Time for ducks and other water lovers hanging around the canal.

This roof caught my eye, as did the blooming plants that follow. Ordinary beauty waiting to be noticed.

Hoping all you beauties have a spectacular weekend! It’s still snowing here. Definitely a spectacle after an unusually warm winter.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 10 March 2017
Photo credit: DAF, July 2016 in Kinderdijk

Dear Friends,

Home away from for two magical weeks!

Our home away from home for two magical weeks! Docked in Amsterdam.

You’ve been on my mind for the last several weeks. Well, sort of! Here’s a quick update to let you know what’s been happening. Read the rest of this entry »

Photos melt my heart | Photos #2

1972 Aug Travell'n in style Scott and Sherry

Our two chipmunks at a rest stop somewhere in Texas, waiting to be fed! 1972

As noted in my last Faculty Wife post, our Bible College days were numbered. In 1972 we took a road trip across the States. Among our planned destinations was a seminary in California. D was considering his options, in case we decided to leave the Bible College.

But how would we travel safely with our young children? In the early 1970s most car seats for children were worthless in an accident (according to Consumer Reports and photos).

Of two acceptable options, one was the Sears Safety Harness. It was a bargain at less than $15 per harness. Among other things, it allowed children to move around and lie down to sleep during long trips. You can see the harness here, on our daughter (scroll to last photo).

It took a while to install the two anchor straps around the back seat. But when we attached the harnesses to the anchor strap, the harnesses moved easily up and down the strap. We put our baby crib mattress across the back seat of the car, put the harnesses on our children and hooked the harnesses to each anchor strap.

Voila! Not only could they move around and lie down to sleep, they could see out the windows–just like the grownups! They could NOT stand up and they would NOT be thrown forward or sideways far enough to hit their heads.

Take a look:

1972 Oct Scott asleep in the back seat with safety harness on 2


1972 Oct Scott with safety harness on


1972 Oct the backseat traveln bed set up Scott and Sherry

Do these photos make my heart melt? Absolutely! I loved having our children free to play games, sleep, look at books, watch the scenery or whatever else their hearts desired.

This road trip and others like it are among my favorite memories. Even though we had occasional melt-downs, these were great adventures.

Here we are in Bryce Canyon. I think this was our daughter’s first introduction to Bartlett pears that I hadn’t already cut up and put in a small bowl. She’s likely thinking something like this: ‘Do I have to get my hands and face messy?’

1972 Jan Bryce Canyon Elouise and Sherry to pear or not to pear
Our son’s eyes (see below) crack me up! Learning by example? This may be one of the most enjoyable lessons he ever had, or that I ever offered. As always, he’s ready to chow down, mess and all! Fashion note: I’m wearing one of D’s shirts under my tank top. It’s a bit cool outside. Also, just above, don’t miss the hip blue jean decoration I sewed onto my jeans and D’s (see last photo).

1972 Jan Bryce Canyon Scott and Elouise chowing down on pears

Finally, my beautiful hairy beast husband (It’s summer and we’re not at the Bible College!) with our sweet children at Bryce Canyon’s Inspiration Point. A fine setting for the three people who inspire me more than any others in the whole wide world.

1972 Jan Bryce Canyon David Sherry and Scott

That’s all for now, folks!

To be continued….

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 15 October 2015
Photo credit: Elouise (Inspiration Point photo); DAFraser (all others)

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