Pieces of my mind

by Elouise

Pieces of my mind sprawl
Strewn before me across
The flat wilderness of my
Life now reduced to the
Size of my desktop littered
With small square papers in
Yellow, pink, light blue or
Lavender covered with words
And scattered like manna
Gone sour overnight

Reminders of what I may
Or may not want to do or
Read about or tell you once
Upon a time or show you
Someday when the time is
Right and I haven’t forgotten
What all the excitement was
About anyway

They sit there each morning
Looking my way bearing
well-intentioned witness to
multiple brilliant prompts now
transformed into misty clouds
Of plans and thoughts as yet
Unpursued though relieved by
Reduction to words jotted on
Small squares of paper the sum
Total of yesterday’s genius
Now staring at me wondering
Whether there is more to life
Than this

©Elouise Renich Fraser, 2018
Photo found at LinkedIn.com