Life flew south last winter – encore

by Elouise

Why an encore? Because my March 31 post with all your comments has disappeared into the bowels of WP! That’s why. I have no idea why or when. I just know the post is gone. So here it is, minus your wonderful comments. I’m reposting it because I love it and want to see it out there. Sort of like my voice….Don’t mess with it! I love it, too, and want to see it live!

UPDATE: Thank you, John, for suggesting I look in the Trash Can. The original is now restored! Yay! And I have no idea how I did that, but it seems I am the culprit, not WP. Still, I’m leaving this one up…. Live and learn.

Life flew south last winter
Though I’m looking for its return
In vain I imagine it on
A southern beach somewhere
Soaking in rays of warmth
For this spring-starved season
Plus stories of birds and beasts
To lighten my waning energy
Sleeping day and night

Waking from a dream I search for
Resurrection of bones and sinews
With sight and sound and the mind
I used to have but find instead a
Stranger has taken my space
Demanding attention as the radio
Drones on about life out there
Though I no longer visit
Or entertain at home

©Elouise Renich Fraser, 31 March 2018
Photo found at pixabay – Baltic Sea Beach Clubs