Diane is in my dreams

by Elouise

It’s April 2011
Diane is in my dreams—
tall, beautiful
wearing a long, full
light mocha winter coat
that’s gently flared
in the back.

I see her
from the back,
looking over her left shoulder,
smiling at me.

Her hair is short
and wavy.
She looks like she’s
35 years old—
beautiful, tall and stately.

I jot down a few comments—
Just thinking about this image
brings tears immediately.
Why?  I’m not sure.
I miss her.
She was one of my confidence builders—
especially when I was dealing with
difficult issues at work.
Professional and personal.
Always relational and
thinking about the whole—
what was good and welcoming for the body.
Proactive, thoughtful, personable.

It’s now November 2014
I’m drawn back to this dream,
dealing with issues in my new work of
writing about myself in relation to
people in my life then and now–
Thinking about the whole, and
what is good and welcoming for the body.

I’m standing here
in my long, full, gently flared
light mocha winter coat.

Beautiful, tall and stately,
Professional and personal,
Relational, graceful,
Dressed in simple elegance,
Hair short and wavy
Looking back over my left shoulder
and smiling at you
from the blogosphere.
Building your confidence
and mine.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 29 November 2014