Dear Mom | Missing You

by Elouise

Last night as I slept, one of my followers visited this Mother’s Day post from May 2015 and left a like. It includes several of D’s gorgeous photos from Longwood Gardens. To my surprise, it cheered me up this morning, though the subject matter is a bit heavy. I hope you also enjoy it. Elouise

Telling the Truth


Dear Mom,
I’m sitting here trying to put together a really nice letter for Mother’s Day. So far I’m getting nowhere. It isn’t because I don’t have ideas. It’s because I’m feeling a little lost today, and my ideas seem to be falling flat on their faces.

Last week was sad. Sister #2’s husband died, leaving us all gaping at the huge hole this left in our family. Sort of like the huge hole left when you died. Like yours, his death was relatively peaceful. Though he was in pain, his caregivers found a way to manage it so that his children and his nine grandchildren could be with him and Sister #2 when he died.

Some deaths are difficult. I’ve been reading a small book by Henri Nouwen called In Memoriam. It’s about his mother’s death. He talks about how many deaths he witnessed as a priest. Most were peaceful; some were…

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