weeping branches

by Elouise

weeping beech, aka the cemetery tree

weeping branches brush
lightly against my face and
whisper sweet somethings

* * * * *

a weeping beech stands watch
near the cemetery
white headstones gleam
with springtime splendor

a new grave profuse with white flowers
and a large white-flower wreath
appeared recently
the small brown rabbit
still sits alert

just over a month ago the tree
looked gaunt with bare
contorted branches splayed
draping lifeless so it seemed
toward the ground below

‘the tree of sorrow’
weeps for might-have-beens
if-onlys and multitudes
of the dead and dying
before, beneath and hidden within
our memories and lifetimes

weeping for victims
and all who thought
this could never happen to me
I could never do something like that

living tree of sorrow bows down with
grace, tears and a whisper of
something beyond bitter nothings

Haiku written 25 May 2014
© Elouise Renich Fraser, 29 May 2014