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Near the end it gets easier

–this letting go of goods
No longer useful
Or likely to help anyone

Signs of plans and promises
To oneself and others
Do I really need these things?

Is it possible to start over?
A thousand questions linger
And if only I had known

What I now know seems
A thimble full of hot air
Not nearly enough to last

When will we get there?
I thought this would be easier
My dear I really don’t know

Saying goodbye to a few things
Each day helps ease the load
Of dying now and then

Momentary heart pain of
The good kind mingles with
Whatever was I thinking of?

Life on the fast track
Moves slowly toward the end
Rushing to greet me with open arms

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 Dec 2019
Artwork found at

Memories fade

Memories fade
stored in leaky shed
pierced with rusting spikes


How many have already died away,
leaving the most resilient and powerful behind?
Who am I without my memories?
And will my fading body be their demise as well?


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 21 April 2017
Photo taken in Charlotte, Texas; found at
Response to WordPress Daily Prompt: Spike

This Strange Journey


Events I didn’t expect
No end in sight save each passing day
Restless nights invite anxious tears

Looking for something –
A sign that all will be or end well?
The reason I’m still here, not elsewhere?

My mind races Read the rest of this entry »

Through hazy unknowns | for my Dear Readers

Earth in space, spacedebis@2x

Through hazy unknowns
life tumbles, turns
I wake far from home
not knowing how or who
I’m to be

I search for long-gone milestones
landmarks north stars Read the rest of this entry »

Shifting Generations | A Poem

Fallen Beech

Fallen Beech, Longwood Meadow Beech Forest

When my mother died in 1999 I felt the first shock of shifting generations. She was the first in my immediate family to go. Since then Read the rest of this entry »

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